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General information.

Get started straight away

All you need to use SwissPass Mobile is a valid SwissPass card, a SwissPass login associated with it, and an app that supports SwissPass Mobile.

Use the app of your choice

SwissPass Mobile is available on several public transport apps and this is constantly being extended further. The following apps currently support SwissPass Mobile:

SwissPass Mobile – your SwissPass on your smartphone.

SwissPass Mobile is a feature that you can activate in different public transport apps under “Settings”.

Display public transport travelcards.

With SwissPass Mobile, you can digitally display all public transport travelcards which are also on the SwissPass card. This includes the Half Fare Travelcard, GA Travelcard, fare network travelcards or the seven25 Travelcard.

Note: electronic tickets cannot be retrieved via SwissPass Mobile. You must display these separately.

Display partner services.

You can display the services of the following SwissPass partners with SwissPass Mobile via QR code and barcode:

  • Tipo Ticketing
  • Hotelcard
  • Swissrent
  • Ballenberg – Swiss Open-Air Museum
  • Papiliorama
  • Smeetz

You will find further information on the partners here.

To display the QR code and barcode for partner services, simply open SwissPass Mobile in your public transport app and swipe right.

Start screen.
QR code and barcode for the partner services.
As quick and convenient as an electronic ticket.

At the inspection you can call up the relevant app on your digital device and show the SwissPass Mobile screen to the train staff checking the tickets. They will use a scanner to read the QR code.

More flexibility

As soon as you have activated SwissPass Mobile, you can decide for yourself which carrier medium you wish to show. The only difference when using SwissPass Mobile is that you must carry the SwissPass card or an official ID document with you (passport, ID or driving licence). Please note: If SwissPass Mobile cannot be correctly displayed, you will need to show your SwissPass card. Presentation of an official ID document is insufficient and will not entitle you to travel.

We take data protection seriously

To prevent misuse, customer data is processed when using SwissPass Mobile (e.g. inspection data). These are treated with the greatest care and only used to identify improper use.

If you continue to use only the SwissPass card, no customer data will be collected. Even if you have already used SwissPass Mobile, once it is deactivated no further data will be collected.

Keep an overview

At swisspass.ch you can manage all devices on which SwissPass Mobile is activated.

Contact us

Should you have any questions regarding activation within an app, please contact the support for the app provider in question or get in touch using the contact form.

Frequently asked questions.


What is SwissPass Mobile?

Thanks to SwissPass Mobile, the public transport services included on the SwissPass card can be shown on a digital device at the inspection.

What do I need for SwissPass Mobile?

To use SwissPass Mobile, you require a SwissPass card with a personal SwissPass login as well as a digital device (smartphone, tablet with at least Android 5.0 or iOS 10) on which apps from Swiss transport companies can be installed.

Services available.

Which services can I show using SwissPass Mobile?

All public transport services that can also be used with the SwissPass card are available on SwissPass Mobile. Therefore, the GA Travelcard, Half-Fare travelcard or regional travelcards, for example, which are already available on the SwissPass card.

Can I also use partner services with SwissPass Mobile?

SwissPass Mobile has a second display, with a QR and a barcode. Exclusively the listed SwissPass Plus services can be presented. Will constantly be extended.

  • tipo ticketing
  • Hotelcard
  • Swissrent
  • Ballenberg – Swiss Open-Air Museum
  • Papiliorama
  • Smeetz

Can I also use SwissPass Mobile abroad?

No, SwissPass Mobile cannot be checked by foreign transport companies.

Access and activation.

What do you need to use SwissPass Mobile?

To activate and use SwissPass Mobile you require a valid SwissPass card, and a SwissPass login.

How do I install and activate SwissPass Mobile?

SwissPass Mobile is available on different Swiss public transport apps and can be activated within these apps. Follow the activation procedure according to the app in question.

How can I deactivate SwissPass Mobile?

There are two options for deactivating SwissPass Mobile:

  1. - Unsubscribing from the SwissPass login via the public transport app in question.

  2. - Deactivating one or all devices in the administration area at swisspass.ch.

Using SwissPass Mobile.

Where is SwissPass Mobile accepted?

SwissPass Mobile can be used for all transport companies within Switzerland, wherever the service included on the SwissPass is valid.

What should be noted when using SwissPass Mobile?

To display SwissPass Mobile on the digital device, it is important to have activated the feature properly, and you must also have sufficiently battery power and a display that is undamaged. To make sure that the app synchronises correctly during the inspection, the time on the mobile device must correspond to the current time. It is recommended to set the time on the mobile device automatically via the phone network. This thereby ensures that SwissPass Mobile can be checked correctly

Do I still have to have the SwissPass card with me when using SwissPass Mobile?

You are obliged to provide identification if requested by the checking staff. You can show either a valid official ID (e.g. passport, ID card or driving licence) or the SwissPass card.

Since there may be unforeseen events (insufficient battery or a damaged display), we also recommend carrying the SwissPass card with you when using SwissPass Mobile.

Can I use both SwissPass Mobile and the SwissPass card as I wish?

Yes, you can decide flexibly whether you wish to show SwissPass Mobile or the SwissPass card at any ticket check.

Do I still need the SwissPass card?

You receive the SwissPass card irrespective of whether or not you use SwissPass Mobile. You can therefore decide for yourself depending on the circumstances whether you would rather use the card or the mobile device. We recommend that you carry the SwissPass card with you when using SwissPass Mobile.

Also, you will still need the SwissPass card when using partner services (ski pass, Mobility etc.).

In the case of half fare e-tickets, can I also show SwissPass Mobile in place of the e-ticket?

No, that is not possible. The information about the half fare e-ticket cannot be called up via the SwissPass card or SwissPass Mobile. For e-tickets that are associated with the SwissPass card, the relevant e-ticket must be shown at the inspection.

What happens if SwissPass Mobile is not working?

You are responsible for the correct displaying of SwissPass Mobile. If SwissPass Mobile cannot be checked (e.g. dead battery, damaged display, no long-term online connection available), you will need to show your SwissPass card.

If you do not have the SwissPass card with you, this counts as a journey without a valid ticket and supplements or processing fees will be charged according to the provisions of the fare to be applied. Should such events occur, we recommend that you always additionally carry the SwissPass card, even when using SwissPass Mobile.

What happens if I pass my SwissPass card or SwissPass Mobile to someone else?

The services referred to on SwissPass Mobile are personal and cannot be transferred. If misuse is identified during the check or due to the usage behaviour, the relevant fare provisions will be applied. Aside from this, SwissPass Mobile can be withdrawn from a customer (deactivated) without reasons being given.

Can I see my services on ticket machines?

Yes, this is also possible with SwissPass Mobile at all ticket machines where the SwissPass card can be read via a scanner.

Data security.

Which data are processed when using SwissPass Mobile?

All customer data are processed in order to identify improper use of SwissPass Mobile (e.g. passing on of login information or the SwissPass card). This includes registration and inspection data, which are collected when using SwissPass Mobile as well as the SwissPass card.

How long are the data retained?

Registration data are collected when registering for a SwissPass card. The length of time they are retained is based on the usage provisions for the SwissPass card. The activation and checking data for SwissPass Mobile are kept for a day on checking devices and for thirty days in the checking database. If there are indications of misuse, the checking data are stored for ninety days in the inspection database in order for the necessary clarifications to take place.

How can I prevent data being saved or how can I delete them?

If you do not wish data to be saved, you can forego the use of SwissPass Mobile or deactivate the feature (either via the relevant app or at swisspass.ch). No further data will then be collected and the data collected up to that point are retained until the defined destruction date (see above).