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On the move with one card.

Your SwissPass is a plastic card – the same as most previous travelcards. However, this one is fitted with two electronic RFID chips, technology that is already used for ski passes, for example. These chips store your personal SwissPass number so that your name and travelcard can be checked.

SwissPass Card Basic card number Customer number Number for SwissPass Plus bookings QR code for SBB ticket machines

SwissPass inspection.

Ticket inspectors will check your travelcard with an electronic scanner. You will need to present your SwissPass for this. They will check the photograph and scan the card to check your name and the type and validity of your travelcard. If you are travelling from Switzerland to another country you must present both your SwissPass and your international discount card. You will receive this when you purchase an international ticket. When travelling from Switzerland to Germany or Austria with your GA Travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard, you must present your SwissPass and international discount card for inspection. You will receive a discount card when you purchase an international ticket.

SwissPass information at SBB ticket machines.

You can also view details of your personal travelcards on your SwissPass at SBB ticket machines. Just use the scanner at the machines to scan the QR code on the back of your SwissPass.

  • You present the SwissPass to the ticket inspector.
  • The ticket inspector scans your SwissPass with the scanner.
  • The ticket inspector checks your travelcard details on the scanner.
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swisspass.ch – everything at a glance.

You can check your details any time by consulting your customer account on swisspass.ch. You can easily manage your personal details online. 3) You can find out about current offers, change your details, view invoices, give notice online, and upload photos and the required supporting documents any time you like. Your SwissPass login also applies to the SBB Ticket Shop.

Simply complete all the fields under "Register". You will find the details you need for this on your SwissPass.

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On swisspass.ch you can find out about:

  • the validity of your Swiss travelcards.
  • outstanding and paid invoices (only for annual GA Travelcard and Half-Fare Travelcard)
  • activated partner services (e.g. Mobility Carsharing).
  • possible cancellation dates for your travelcards. You can also set a reminder (only for annual GA Travelcard).
  • available deposit period days for GA Travelcard.

On swisspass.ch you can manage your details easily and conveniently:

  • You can choose how you want to receive information on your
  • Travelcard (by post, online or by text message) at any time.
  • You can change your address details.
  • You can upload a current photograph of yourself as well as any supporting documents if necessary.

On swisspass.ch, under "My SwissPass/notifications", you can set a reminder for the cancellation date and the last day of validity of your GA or Half-Fare travelcard. You can choose if you want to receive the reminder by e-mail or by text message. These contact settings apply to all travelcards linked to your SwissPass.

The reminder function is only available for GA Travelcards that are invoiced annually and for Half-Fare travelcards.

SwissPass Plus – flexible mobility.

The SwissPass is more than just a travelcard. It opens the door to numerous services from our partners.

The SwissPass is your key to mobility and leisure. It opens the door to numerous services from our partners. For example, it unlocks your Mobility car, takes you through the turnstile in ski areas and enables you to benefit from a variety of special offers.

You will find all the current partner services at swisspass.ch. For more details and to purchase individual services, you will be transferred directly to the websites of the partners in question. We are constantly expanding our partner network. See how you can benefit from even more transport and leisure options with just one card.


Register your SwissPass once on swisspass.ch.

Register your SwissPass once on the website of your selected partner service.

As soon as you have registered your SwissPass on swisspass.ch and with the partner, you can use the partner service with your SwissPass.

Book the selected service directly in the partner's online shop.

Simply use the booked service with your SwissPass.

The partners charge you directly for all services that you have used with the SwissPass.

Swisspass.ch provides a constant overview of the SwissPass services you have activated.

If you have questions about the partner services, please contact the partners' support units directly.


Mobility Carsharing.

Mobility Carsharing is the clever way to drive a car. You can drive at any time without the commitment of having your own car. Mobility has 2,700 vehicles available at 1,400 locations all over Switzerland, around the clock and on a self-service basis. This means inexpensive mobility at any time, as you only pay for the car when you actually use it.

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Travel by public transport and ride the last stage on a bike or e-bike – that's PubliBike. With your SwissPass you can rent a bike or e-bike at one of the PubliBike stations, 24 hours a day, go on a cycle ride, and then return it to any station.

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SwitzerlandMobility, the Swiss network for non-motorized traffic, offers numerous routes for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, in-line skating and canoeing. SwitzerlandMobility allows you to plan your own routes or try out those of other users. Thanks to a special app, you can easily save your route map on your mobile device ready for your next trip. This means you can use it even in areas without mobile reception.

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Winter sport.

With SwissPass, you can easily and conveniently get your ski pass without having to queue, and enjoy a hassle-free outing to the Swiss mountains.

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