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Requirements for a physical photo:

  • We can only accept a photo that you have printed out yourself if it is on photographic paper in high definition.
  • The photo must be well focused and rich in contrast.
  • You can send us either black-and-white or colour photo.
  • Write your first name, last name and date of birth on the back of the photo with a felt pen.

Requirements for a digital photo:

  • You can upload images in JPG or JPEG format.
  • Your image must not exceed four megabytes in size.
  • We need an unprocessed passport photo in colour or black and white.
  • Ideally your image should meet the following criteria:
    colour depth 24 bit, colour space sRGB.
    Modern digital cameras normally operate with these values automatically.
Send your photo by post.

* Please note that the photo upload function is only available if a photo order is pending.

What you need to pay attention to.

approx. 35 x 45 mm
Gap between face and edge
at least 2 mm
Face width
20–31 mm
Face height
25–41 mm

  • The photo must be well focused and rich in contrast.
  • No pixel structure must be discernible.
  • The illumination must be even (no shadows on the face).
  • Skin tones must be natural.
  • There must be no reflection on the skin.
  • There must be no red-eye.
  • The background must be monochrome, uniform and neutral, and there must be no shadows.
  • The head must clearly stand out from the background.
  • Your hand must not be visible, nor must any extraneous object like a cigarette.

Posture, head position, facial expression and direction of gaze

  • You must sit directly in front of the camera and look straight into it (front shot).
  • You must hold your head straight (not inclined, turned or tilted).
  • Both eyes must be open and clearly visible, even if you wear glasses.
  • Children must be on their own in the photo, and no extraneous object must be visible.


  • The eyes must not be obscured by glasses frames.
  • The lenses must not be reflective.
  • Sunglasses and glasses with tinted lenses are not allowed.
  • Dark glasses are allowed if you suffer from a visual impairment.

Head coverings

  • Head coverings are allowed, provided the face is visible at least from the point of the chin to the hairline. They must not cast any shadows on the face.
  • The head covering must not be part of a uniform, and it must have no political, racist or sexist content.

Ideally, log onto swisspass.ch and simply upload your photo.

Upload your photo to swisspass.ch.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a digital photo: you can send us your photo by post. There is a form to accompany it, which you can download by clicking on the following red field.

Send us your photo by post.